We can’t please everyone

Sometimes, thinking really stresses me out. At times I would like to sleep so much just so I could forget things. Like what happened at work today.

I mentioned that I work at a Service Center in a hotel, and primarily help guests out, (through them calling on the phone) with EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING. To have someone to clean up the room, or give them towels, or to have someone charge their phones, or to make their bed, to fix their clogged toilets, to ask for someone to babysit for them, I COULD GO ON ALL DAY. 

And on top of that, we also receive calls from outside people, inquiring about EVERYTHING! And I am not over acting, outside calls are the most funniest. From prices to booking rooms, or booking reservations at restaurants, or how to go to the airport, and how much time would it take, or if I would know who designed what the hell. Also we get calls from our colleagues, but I’ll leave that out cause mostly we just need help from each others’ departments.

So, you know how my job works.

Well, I got this caller a while ago and she was looking for one of the restaurants. AS protocol, WE SHOULD BE ASKING IF WE COULD ASSIST, CAUSE WE TAKE THE FREAKING RESERVATIONS.

Then, this woman is already calling me crazy and calling me names as I was asking for the details for her reservation! She did not even bothered to tell me at first that she already HAS a reservation, and already talked to someone! IF I KNEW, I WOULD HAVE CONNECTED THE CALL ALREADY AND NOT TALKED TO HER!!

I just felt REALLY BAD! I was just trying to help! But I got a hold of myself right away. I have a lot of other callers, who make me feel good. And who appreciates my help. I can’t think of her always, because there are a lot more other people who appreciates MY efforts. Ironically, I received another call, who was ALSO booking for a restaurant, and she thanked me endlessly. 

Now I feel good.


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